Describing an Event Essay

Sport is a part of our life… you can say that it is ordinary words. But many people were a part of incredible athletic event on July 28 in Detroit. It was dancing program as a component of AAU Junior Olympic Games. People like not only professional sport, but they are also interested in amateur sport. And they had an excellent possibility to be a part of AAU Junior Olympic Games. Sporting events are popular nowadays and stadiums collect thousands of people to look different athletic matches. Amateur Athletic Union has an aim to involve people in for sports and help them to realize their dreams. The AAU Junior Olympic Games are the competition held annually by the US Amateur Athletic Union. It has a long history and took beginning from 1967, when first AAU Junior Olympic Games were open on August 21 in downtown Washington, D.C. at the Departmental Auditorium on Constitution Avenue. It was a good idea to create such competition and give an opportunity to young people to take part in different sporting events. Continue reading “Describing an Event Essay”