Persuasive essay

Often it is difficult to take a decision and as a rule, in such a situation, people look for someone’s advice. At the same time, it is quite difficult to say whether their final decision is that of their own or it is the result of the piece of advice they have got.

In fact, speaking about the problem of advice and analyzing the reason why people ask it and whether they know the answer for their question beforehand, it is necessary to point out that this question is highly subjective and extremely personalized. Nonetheless, in my opinion, it is still the individual that takes the decision and people do ask for advice even though they already know the answer.

In such a situation, it is first necessary to draw some facts that would prove this statement. First of all, it should be said that when people ask for advice they actually know several possible answers to their question. In other words, they already have several variants of possible advice they would be given because they know the subject on which they need to be advised, consequently, they plan their actions, they decide what they have to do and it is at this stage when the real necessity in advice appears.

Naturally, it is possible to say that people really look for some solution to their problem they cannot find themselves independently. In this respect, it is necessary to remember that it is the individual that eventually takes the decision and it is not a secret that when people ask for advice they do not obligatory follow it, or else even if they follow the advice, it is necessary to take into consideration some personal characteristics, such as individual’s psychology, state of mind, mood, etc. because they also influence whether an individual accept the advice or not but still, to take this final decision, they have to compare and contrast the advice to their own judgment and only if they find the correlation to their own thoughts they follow the advice.

In such a situation, it seems to be quite strange that individuals ask for advices when they already know the answer and they simply pretend that they don’t known it. The explanation of such a situation is quite simple but at the same time it is rather diverse because in actuality there may be several reasons why they do it. Firstly, there are some people that are simply not sure in their own actions and decisions. This is why such people need someone’s advice because of their psychological weakness in taking decisions. Moreover, such people are as a rule dependent on some person, which is really significant in their life.

Furthermore, there are people who simply doubt at certain points and they simply want that the decision, they have already taken, was approved by somebody who is reasonable, intelligent, or authoritative enough. And finally, there are people that are self-assured but they ask for advice in order to compare their own judgments with those of other people and take their own decision underlying their independence and self-righteousness.

Thus, the advices people ask for are as a rule purely rhetoric questions which answers are already known, though the reasons why people still ask for advice are highly individual. However, it is hardly possible to estimate that this statement is absolutely correct for all people in all situations but basically people act on the basis of their own judgments and decisions, which may be even unconscious and accepted by individuals when they receive them in form of advice.