Narrative Essay

Narrating is a basic writing strategy for representing actions and events. As the term’s Latin root, gnarus (“knowing”), implies, narrating also serves to help people make sense of events in their own lives as well as events they observe or read about. From earliest childhood, narrating helps us reflect on things that have happened, explain what is happening, and imagine what could happen.

Narrating is one of the most versatile writing strategies, serving many different purposes. It can be used to report on events, present information, illustrate abstract ideas, support arguments, explain procedures, and entertain  with stories.

When we need to write a Narrative Essay, the most important thing we have to remember is that narrative approach requires telling some personal story. It can also be called a “short story.” It can be an experience or event from authors past life, also it can be recent or ongoing event. Narrative approach also can be used when we write about something that happened to somebody else, such as our relatives or very close friends. Also it is very important to remember that every Narrative essay should have a point, it means that in the final part of essay should be made some important conclusion based on the experience described.

To summarize, the narrative essay

  • is told from a particular point of view
  • makes and supports a point
  • is filled with precise detail
  • uses vivid verbs and modifiers
  • uses conflict and sequence as does any story
  • may use dialogue


There are several stages that every writer of Narrative Essay should pass before start writing. So calling prewriting stage. First of all he/she has to select an event that is really worth of writing about. It is very important to remember that good chosen topic is a 50 % of successful paper. Then writer needs to think about details that will make readers really understand the situation. After reading the paper every reader should feel like he/she was present on that event.


Once you have chosen subject and think about details, begins writing stage. There writer should remember next principles:

  1. All the conventions of storytelling should be included: plot, character, setting, climax, and ending.
  2. Usually Narrative essay written in first person, but if it is necessary the third person can be used. However, be consistent. If you begin your narrative essay in the first person, use that throughout
  1. Deep погружение of readers in the problem is better than just telling some facts. Make readers fill involved in situation.
  2. Do not forget about details. In narrative essay can be mentioned even minor details for better effect of “presents”.
  3. Find a generalization which the story supports.